My First DIY (Successful)

This week I did my first successful DIY. As simple as it was, I am still going boast about it because I have got no artistic or creative skills in me. Not even one drop! So I was organizing my bag and thinking of the best way I can carry everything to school with me. […]

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Can We Live In The Simpler Times?

“Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it” – Joshua Becker I sat down today and was watching the coverage of Hurricane Irma in Florida on the Local 10 News and I saw a reporter interviewing a homeless guy (Ethan) who was […]

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Dear Parents,

Why is it okay to teach our girl children that if a boy is mean to them, he likes them? I mean, aren’t you telling her in other words that it is okay for a guy to hurt her? To abuse her? All because he loves her? Is that too much of a stretch to […]

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Uni First Week + Courses

So, guys, I registered for my courses and I paid my fees last week Wednesday😎. I couldn’t wait until the first week of school. I just needed to get it done because, well, it will be fewer things to do during the first week back out. So I have officially registered for the following courses: […]

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True Love

They say love makes you weak. But true love doesn’t make you weak. It makes you strong because it gives you happiness, the opportunity to care for someone else and you learn to live and make a home with someone. It teaches you to sacrifice and compromise but still be happy. It shows us that […]

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I Believe In Karma

My Guru once said that all our souls have a purpose in this life. The soul in my religion is everlasting. It never dies, only our bodies die. It transfers from one one being to another until it achieves liberation. But our souls all have a purpose in each lifetime it is given. We do […]

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I have a fear. And the truth is… So do you.  The difference is… We fear different things. My fear keeps me up at night.  Your fear makes you want to sleep, It terrorizes your day.  Can we be fixed?  Why do we have these fears? If we trust in God,  Then why are we […]

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Choices Choices Choices!!!

I like to think that I am a product of my choices/decisions but sometimes it’s really hard to choose certain paths when the possibilities are endless and there is so much time to ponder and wonder on all the options. “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” ~ […]

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Summer Summary

Every summer has its own story! Summertime is almost over and I can’t be any more excited for the start of my last year in university, Divali, my birthday and of course Christmas…not the heat ever ends here. The second half the year is always the more exciting half for me. But I am still […]

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