I have a fear. And the truth is… So do you.  The difference is… We fear different things. My fear keeps me up at night.  Your fear makes you want to sleep, It terrorizes your day.  Can we be fixed?  Why do we have these fears? If we trust in God,  Then why are we […]

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See My Efforts Please

She thought to herself: You think I’ve been sitting on my ass While you have been working so hard You work all day sitting on a seat I have been working all day on my feet You came and saw me on the bed fast asleep And you just assumed that I’m a lazy bleep* […]

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Arrogance and ignorance Your middle names Stay in your blissful state Don’t rub it in my face I actually have to work for things And you have it all now Remember when you didn’t have it I was your motivator I was your support You never acknowledged me then Don’t acknowledge me now All to […]

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