So far, So good!

It’s officially week three of my last year in the LLB program and time is flying by so fast! I took a day off today to catch up with some work and also because I have an hour class in the morning and then another hour class in the evening. I cannot spend 6 hours […]

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My First DIY (Successful)

This week I did my first successful DIY. As simple as it was, I am still going boast about it because I have got no artistic or creative skills in me. Not even one drop! So I was organizing my bag and thinking of the best way I can carry everything to school with me. […]

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Uni First Week + Courses

So, guys, I registered for my courses and I paid my fees last week Wednesday😎. I couldn’t wait until the first week of school. I just needed to get it done because, well, it will be fewer things to do during the first week back out. So I have officially registered for the following courses: […]

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Choices Choices Choices!!!

I like to think that I am a product of my choices/decisions but sometimes it’s really hard to choose certain paths when the possibilities are endless and there is so much time to ponder and wonder on all the options. “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” ~ […]

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Back To School Haul + Good News

Hey there, It’s getting so much closer now to the new semester and the final year for my LLB degree. So the excitement of back to school is always high when you realise that it’s time to go shopping for all the stationery necessities. Why is that so?  I honestly don’t know why we excite […]

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Keep Your Head Up

Hey guys! I have a short update and some wise words for you to always remember. Do excuse my lack of posts for the next few days (until Thursday). I have to really grind and study for my exam and I want to focus mostly on that. The blog doesn’t keep me back but I […]

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Let’s Talk Productivity

Not quite sure if I’m going through a phase or I’m just realising how much I need some order in my life. Either way, being organised and productive has been making me a much calmer and happier person, no lie! Late last year I started to try to plan everything I did, my daily schedule, […]

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