Slowly Changing

Over the past few months, my life has drastically changed. This occurred due to a, let’s say, plot twist in my life. At first, I refused this change, just like many of us when change is upon us. We fight it, we refuse to close old doors and open new ones and then we become […]

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Little Things

Little things stress me out. Every tiny problem, which isn’t even a problem in the majority of other people’s eyes is blown out of proportion with me. I make a mountain out of a mole-hole as we say here. But this only relates to the things that I worry over. I don’t do these things […]

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Dear Parents,

Why is it okay to teach our girl children that if a boy is mean to them, he likes them? I mean, aren’t you telling her in other words that it is okay for a guy to hurt her? To abuse her? All because he loves her? Is that too much of a stretch to […]

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Life On Track

There are many tough days behind me and there will be many more ahead, but that is how life works. Tough times mixed together with the good times. But it doesn’t mean that there are more hard days than good days. It just seems so because we have the tendancy to dwell more on the […]

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Destination: Dream

Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods. You are absolutely privileged to be able to make your dreams come true. So many people in this world can only dream of making their dreams a reality. They have the capacity to have dreams and goals but they have no means of accessing the […]

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BELLA ~ My Inspiration

Bella is the name of my dog…she is a rottweiler and a true epitome of happiness. Barks like a dog, cries like a bird and runs like a horse. She is a 3 for 1 special and I love her. She looks like a female rott version of Goofy…well to me at least.

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