Life, Time, Destiny?

“When it hurts – observe. Life is trying to teach you something” – Anita Krizzan

You know what? I’m not mad at the past. I’m not 100% over it but I’m neither regretting or wishing it never happened. In fact, I am using it to teach me valuable lessons and I am using it as a starting point to grow as a person.

Let me tell you all something. Life is a learning process. The things that happen in your life…you have no control over them. There is something out there (God, astrology, the universe itself, whatever you believe) that has already drawn out what our life is to be on Earth (based on karma, or just the type of person you are and what you attract). You are just a being placed on this Earth to play that role and so as we go through life, we learn what role that is. We meet people and become a part of their lives for a reason even if they do not stay in it forever…perhaps to help them along their journey and or even yours. We learn valuable lessons from these interactions which help us progress on to the next level of our lives.  You can say its part of our destiny!

And so, I’m not mad. I will hurt and I will grow. And maybe I’d hurt again but I will learn from it all and I will become this person I am supposed to be and I will fulfil my purpose on this planet.  At this age, everything is changing and that is a good thing though it may not seem like it in the present moment. Life isn’t bad you know, if things do not make sense now, trust that it will soon.

I am sat here writing this and I know fully well that this is merely to convince myself that everything has a reason for happening. At this moment, I believe in everything I have said but I know that by tomorrow again I’d wonder why? Just why does life have to be so?

What can I say…I too am a skeptic but I am at the same time, I am open to the possibility that everything really does happen for a reason and only in time, we will see exactly how things play out.


Yours truly,

Lauren xo

4 thoughts on “Life, Time, Destiny?

  1. Nice post… you said so well in this sentence” And maybe I’d hurt again but I will learn from it all and I will become this person I am supposed to be and I will fulfil my purpose on this planet…. ” .
    I think that is the essence of life.
    And it is at every age, not just a particular age.. well that’s my humble opinion.

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  2. Yes…it is at every age. I was just referring to my current situation as a 21 year old. Life is a learning process and so at all ages we go through something and learn from it. Thank you for your comment☺️

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