Slowly Changing

Over the past few months, my life has drastically changed. This occurred due to a, let’s say, plot twist in my life. At first, I refused this change, just like many of us when change is upon us. We fight it, we refuse to close old doors and open new ones and then we become stuck because there is no movement forward nor is there anything to go back too. I spent far too long wallowing, being unsure and unwilling to let life take its own course and trust fully in God’s plans for me. Over time, I realized that the only way I could once again get back in control of my life and be close to true happiness once again was to drop the worries that weighed me down and start building a new life where I can actually be in control of who I want to be and be absolutely okay with the things that shape who I am.

It did not happen overnight, nor has the change been fully made. It is a long process that will take many more months to fully ripen. I am focusing my energy on building this new life for myself and it will take a while. I am slowly changing. I am not the best I can be but I know with certainty that I am still 100% better than the person I was before. Upon embarking on this new journey of life, I have recognized the importance of that plot twist and I have accepted that at the end of the day, that is what is making me better. I was definitely not unhappy before that plot twist happened but now, after the fact, I can visualize that life is not over, and life can get even better. I can see myself becoming even more happy in the long run and thus, I am dedicated to making that become a reality.


I am making it happen. I am finding ways to become more independent, more strong as a woman in a society that has to live by more rules than those of the other sex, I am doing the things that make me genuinely happen, I am taking care of my body and skin for me and me alone, I am standing up for my beliefs, my rights, and my dreams. I am deciding who and what I want to give a f*#% about and I am creating happiness for myself.

According to Robin Sharma, ‘change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end.’ He was most accurately right. To reach that gorgeous end, you have to always keep yourself motivated and fixated on the end game. You must not lose hope, nor must you backtrack yourself as you embark on this self-fulfilling journey.

It is never too late to make the changes necessary to be at your happiest. The day is young, the year is young. Start today. Start slowly, continue slowly. Each day it will add up and one day, you would reach that gorgeous end without even realizing.

Yours truly,

Lauren xo

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