We Are Still Young

We are young

I am 21 years old and I am aware that a lot of us around this age are still figuring out ourselves, realizing that who we are aren’t our true selves or rather who we actually are. We still live for society or the people who influence us. We are still recognising that life is offering us so many alternatives that we shouldn’t be too fixtated on one solid adventure. We see that our lives today can be so different tomorrow.

We are young

At this age, we are still vulnerable when it comes to our mental health. We are affected by what people think of us, by how easy a negative situation in our lives can manipulate our happiness and the way we choose to deal with it. 

We have a lot of growing to do. A lot of discovering more about who we are and finding the best possible version of ourselves and being contented with that person. 

Yes, we have definitely grown up from our petty and confusing 13 year old selves but we haven’t finished becoming and embracing our true identity. 

We are young

It’s the end of 2017. I am 21. And if you are like me, we have a lot of fine tuning to do with our lives before we decide to share our lives with another person, before we create our own families. We have to enlighten ourselves on ourselves and accept the truth. We have to love and honour thy self before we vow to love and honour another being. 

We are STILL young!

Stay tuned! Great things are ahead! 
Yours truly,


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