I need to fall in love…with myself❤

Adulting is hard. Can I just say that? Actually, it has nothing to do with adulting but more to do with how to handle certain situations…which I feel like a child doesn’t really have to do so I am saying “adulting.” 

For one, dealing with people is hard. Because half of the time…actually the MAJORITY of the time, they don’t give 1 or 2 flecks about you. People can be so selfish and so determined to fulfil their life that they just don’t care about someone else’s feelings. I have a strong urge to just not mingle or have faith in a lot of people anymore. I wish everyone was as kind and trustworthy as I don’t know…God? I wish people could learn to live up to their words and realise that their actions do have consequences for the people around them sometimes. 

Also, talk about a hectic semester of law. And the millions of comtemplations about dropping out of law just because it is hard right now and boy am I milking that one and exaggerating my stresses. But it’s just with school and all those exterior bullshit situations in life….milking it is all I can successfully do. Sad…I know. Pathetic…I am getting to recognise that. Please don’t judge😣.

Not to mention I have been away from blogging for far too long and will probably disappear for a month or so again after this because of exams and just me trying to figure my life out and put back all the broken parts of my soul together 😥😥😥. I am just tired. I really need to stop giving a hoot about people and things that do not help me grow and do not have my best interests at heart. 

I need to grow up. Find myself again. Love myself for once. And be happy…because it has been a long while since that has happened. And I know along the way I will fail but I must persist because I have a life to live…dreams to catch and there is nothing better than that! 

Yours truly,


3 thoughts on “I need to fall in love…with myself❤

  1. Hang in there. I know how you feel. And I can relate to how people are. It can be tough when people are they way they are. Don’t let that bring you down. It can be challenging, but don’t people bring you down. There are good people out there.
    And it is difficult when so much is going in life that you feel like you are losing yourself. It happens to everyone. The thing that I did was just take some time out the day to do something I liked. Even if it was only for a hour or so. It will help so much.

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