Do tell…

We look back at the decisions we made in the past. We were happy with them. It was the best decisions we ever made. And now what? Something came along the way and you realised that perhaps it wasn’t the best decision. It was good then. It isn’t now. Something happened that we didn’t cater for. 
We want to fix it. But how? At what costs? Would fixing it really fix it? Or would it have potential drawbacks that would make everything worse?

So now you don’t know what to do. So you lay in bed and count sheep because you can’t sleep. You look up at the ceiling and count how many wooden slabs make up the wooden ceiling. You cry a million tears free running down your cheeks and neck. 

You know eventually things get better. But when is that? You can’t even see that time in the near future. You are confused, you are worried and you are scarred for life with those decisions and the unexpected outcomes. 

The hopes you had and the destiny you believed in…all gone. Now what? 

How do you believe in yourself anymore?

How do you have faith in the things and people that have aligned themselves with you?

Do tell….
Yours truly,


2 thoughts on “Do tell…

  1. You allow yourself the time to feel what you feel. You decide you don’t want to feel this way everyday of your life. You wipe your tears, you feel the desire to get back up because deep inside you know it will all work out someday. Before you know it you are building up the courage to try again and you realise “I can actually do this. I have what it takes!”

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