It’s been so long since I’ve opened my WordPress app or web page, much less for posting a blog.  But what can I say apart from the usual ‘I’ve been so busy,’ ‘school is killing me out’ and ‘I have so much work to do.’

Right now I’m just taking a little break from case briefing some Company Law. This worksheet of cases is MEGA-HUGE and I’m sort of fed up with it and wants to do some ADR.

So anyway, I thought I’d do a short blog post today about some things that annoy me. Here goes:


Via Pinterest


  1. Bullet Journaling. I started to do this over the summer instead of using a planner or to-do lists. It was fun while I had the time to sit and draw up these pages. Now, not so much. I’m back to using the Trello app I spoke about in my PRODUCTIVITY post.
  2. Having to go to uni early on mornings even when I have not so early classes just so that I can get a close park from where my classes are.
  3. Having to repeat myself more than 2 times before someone can hear me.
  4. Shoes that cut into my feet.
  5. The fact that after I paid for a locker for the year, the library reviewed its policy and is now allowing us to enter the library with our bags. SIGH!!
  6. When it is raining at night and I have a lot of work to do but I can’t focus because the weather gets me sleepy…current situation!
  7. When you send someone you know a friend request on IG and they accept but don’t request you back. Like, It’s not that I’m desperate for followers, but you clearly are! Orrrr, you secretly hate me! LOL!
  8. Periods!
  9. People with photogenic memory HAHAHA. I’m busting my ass studying here and you just have to read it once!? How is that fair to me?
  10. Hearing my neighbours’ moans/screams from having sex! CLOSE YOUR DAMN WINDOW!!!! It’s terrifying when it’s at night! I keep thinking that someone has broken into the house.

So yea, that’s a couple of things that annoy me. I hope everyone has a great week ahead. You will hear from me soon with a skin-care routine.

Till then,

Yours truly,

Lauren xo

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