So far, So good!

It’s officially week three of my last year in the LLB program and time is flying by so fast! I took a day off today to catch up with some work and also because I have an hour class in the morning and then another hour class in the evening. I cannot spend 6 hours in between my classes at the university. I’d drive myself crazy!! And if I come home to go back…I’d never go back until tomorrow. Of course, this is only a one-time thing because I cannot afford to do this each week. So, here is what I have established so far:

I have to say, so far, my favourite course is Revenue Law. I have never really understood the whole process and regulations for taxes so it’s really worthwhile to me. Plus I get to learn how one can be exempted from paying taxes…legally of course! haha. However, I am a bit worried because I tend to do better in the courses I don’t really enjoy. I guess it’s because I take the courses I love for granted thinking ‘I’ve got this’ when I really don’t! So, being aware of that, I will try to not let that occur this time around.

My least favourite course is hands-down, Company Law. I really want to drop it but I already bought my textbook and started the work so I will just stick it out. Besides, I don’t really know what to do in place of it. To be honest, it’s not the content that’s killing me, it’s the lecturer. He is very slow and drags out everything. It’s very hard to keep awake in his classes. He also starts sentences, trails off and never come back to the sentence I need to complete in my notes!

But anyways, so far, so good in total!

I don’t even get time to miss blogging because with so much work to do I sometimes forget that I have a blog and I’m like ‘shit girl, you have to post!’ So that’s why I’m posting right now. Blogging isn’t a burden, it’s just hard to schedule in right now. By the weekend I will be doing a post on stress because, well,  I’m very stressed these days. LOL! We will see what format that’ll take 😀

Also, totally unrelated to school, I’m loving almond milk these days. Almond milk and granola, almond milk in my coffee, almond milk in my tea and in everything. I have been in and out of the craze for quite some time but I think I have finally settled on it.


So that was my update. Now back to Employment Law case briefs!


Yours truly,

Lauren xo


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