Life, Time, Destiny?

“When it hurts – observe. Life is trying to teach you something” – Anita Krizzan You know what? I’m not mad at the past. I’m not 100% over it but I’m neither regretting or wishing it never happened. In fact, I am using it to teach me valuable lessons and I am using it as […]

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Slowly Changing

Over the past few months, my life has drastically changed. This occurred due to a, let’s say, plot twist in my life. At first, I refused this change, just like many of us when change is upon us. We fight it, we refuse to close old doors and open new ones and then we become […]

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We Are Still Young

We are young I am 21 years old and I am aware that a lot of us around this age are still figuring out ourselves, realizing that who we are aren’t our true selves or rather who we actually are. We still live for society or the people who influence us. We are still recognising […]

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Space in a Healthy Relationship

So I have noticed something. A lot of couples break up because they need space. Or so they claim.  I have issues with that. For one, why do you need space when you are in a positive and happy relationship where your significant other is not clingy, and you both respect each other’s lives by […]

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Do tell…

We look back at the decisions we made in the past. We were happy with them. It was the best decisions we ever made. And now what? Something came along the way and you realised that perhaps it wasn’t the best decision. It was good then. It isn’t now. Something happened that we didn’t cater […]

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Got Acne!

Honestly, I have the worst skin any 20-year-old can have. You may think that’s an exaggeration and the truth is, it probably is, but it’s still really REALLY bad. I have a lot of acne marks and I break out really easily. My marks are very prevalent because I’m brown so they are like deep […]

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It’s been so long since I’ve opened my WordPress app or web page, much less for posting a blog.  But what can I say apart from the usual ‘I’ve been so busy,’ ‘school is killing me out’ and ‘I have so much work to do.’ Right now I’m just taking a little break from case […]

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Little Things

Little things stress me out. Every tiny problem, which isn’t even a problem in the majority of other people’s eyes is blown out of proportion with me. I make a mountain out of a mole-hole as we say here. But this only relates to the things that I worry over. I don’t do these things […]

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So far, So good!

It’s officially week three of my last year in the LLB program and time is flying by so fast! I took a day off today to catch up with some work and also because I have an hour class in the morning and then another hour class in the evening. I cannot spend 6 hours […]

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